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HBCU Professional Networking Series

The HBCUs Professional Networking Series is a series of professional networking sessions aimed at carving out career pathways for minority youth by expanding their knowledge level in the following areas: 1.) how to obtain jobs in various career areas post college, 3.) how to succeed once they have obtained employment, and 3.) how their respective credentials afford them opportunities in a variety of career paths. Through the series of sessions, students gained access to professionals and were encouraged to maintain these contacts long after the sessions were completed. Originally implemented as in-person events, due to COVID-19. Program pivots required that the series was hosted virtually. The series incorporated themes across careers aligned to the 5 facets. The intent of these sessions was to provide a secure setting in which HBCU students (Services To Youth) can dialogue with professionals in the Arts, STEM and healthcare (Health & Human Services), international business and entrepreneurship (International Trends and Services). These aforementioned four facets collaborated on securing the panel of professionals, recruiting students and publicizing the events. The 2020-2021 HBCU Professional Networking Series will culminate with the awarding of three (3) $1000 Class Act Scholarships to deserving HBCU students. This year, Crescent City Links held three (3) Professional Networking Series events. Each event focused on a different career trajectory. The first event focused on careers in Medicine, science and related health fields. The second focused on the arts and film production. The third and final event centered business, international business, finance and entrepreneurship.
Etiquette Breakfast for Debutantes and Beaus at Warren Easton High School
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Regions Bank & The Crescent City (LA) CHapter partner to provide Financial Literacy for Debutantes and Beaus at Warren Easton High School
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STEM NOLA Saturday
Crescent City (LA) Chapter supports STEM NOLA and their effort to transform the STEM narrative for under resourced communities. STEM Saturday has nearly 150 students come out to dissect sheep hearts and build mechanical hearts with medical doctors, professionals and college students
“Linked In Friendship, Connected In Service”