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National Trends and Services FacetNational Trends and Services identified two priority areas through which all program activities would flow. The identified priority areas were as follows: 1.) voter participation in preparation for the 2020 Presidential election and 2.) to provide integrative programming to educate African Americans about the issue and impact of homeownership and heirs’ property while providing information and resources to protect family-owned real property. Two sub-committees were formed to carry out the priority areas, a Voter Participation sub-committee and a Healthy Homestead sub-committee. The Voter Participation sub-committee held a series of activities leading up to election day to assist community members with voter registration. 41 individuals were registered to vote. On election day, the final activity was held. The Committee identified ten polling locations that contained fifty-six (56) precincts to provide snacks for voters in line. We prepared approximately 940 bags that included water, cookies, chips, peanut butter crackers, candy, and popcorn. This effort included committee members, chapter members, members of the 9th Ward Voters Coalition, and The Orchid Society. The National Trends and Services Healthy Homestead sub-committee, led by Link Patricia Hightower, hosted the first of a series of webinars that seek to advance community education and fundamental process to prevent the loss of heir property. Black women represent the largest demographic affected by this loss of generational wealth and the Crescent City Chapter of The Links, Inc. is committed to working towards breaking this intergenerational cycle. On December 9th, Link Camille Whitworth moderated a one-and-a-half-hour presentation given by Link Carolyn Jefferson, entitled “What you need to know about Successions.” The virtual event was greatly anticipated by 469 registrants and was attended by 301 participants. The information that was shared by Link Carolyn was expansive and comprehensive and included topics such as Why is Opening a Succession so important, Definitions of Succession, Community Property, and Forced Heirship, Types of Wills, Disinheritance, and How To Open a Succession. The audience was deeply engaged, and the webinar was made interactive by their ability to ask questions in the Zoom webinar chat. Speaking Training Training for Daughters Beyond Incarceration (DBI) program participants. The Chapter partnered with DBI, which serves as an advocate for girls with incarcerated dads while building strong parent-to-child relationships between them. DBI believes that by bridging the communication gap between fathers and their daughters, they can reduce recidivism and help with the fathers’ reentry into society. DBI offers this through education, mentorship, and support. Crescent City assisted by providing a workshop on public speaking to assist the girls in advocating for legislation to support their efforts, among other initiatives. Vector_Smart_Object-mihuh.png
“Linked In Friendship, Connected In Service”